The Pristine Series

The Beth Pristine range in SS 304 deluxe and SS202 Regular delivers the best hygiene levels to your kitchen even supporting high-temperature steam sterilization and high-pressure water wash. Feel spoilt with choice, blame it on us and pick the right kitchen for your family and let our experts help you in making that choice.

Pristine Deluxe
Whole SS 304
Pristine Regular
Whole SS 202
The Prime Series

Our Stainless Steel and Steel combination kitchens, called "The Beth Prime Combi" with the cost advantages of steel and the unmatched advantages of Stainless Steel. These two features perfectly blend to give you the advantages of Stainless and cost benefits of steel.

" The Beth Combi deluxe and regular " are designed to deliver you clean kitchens with high hygiene levels. With our Deluxe range crafted in SS 304 and Regular regular in SS202, all you have to do is to pick the right one to suit your budget and environment. For the professional in you, you might want to go one step further with the "Pristine range" of Stainless Steel kitchens.


* Carcass in Whole SS 202
* Facia in steel (GI) Epoxy Coated


* Carcass and facia in steel (GI) epoxy coated

Steel with SS facia

* Facia in SS
* Carcass in Steel (GI)

Beth Bedroom

Moving on to the bedroom, we are ready with choices you could make to pamper yourself. Wardrobes, Sliding door wardrobes, Printable wardrobes, Chest of Drawers, Bed sets, all designed in true modular concept which enables you to add more Beth products. Crafted out of Steel, BETH Prime products for bedrooms embodies the definition of modern alternative home decor products in its true spirit.


Turn every space in your home into an organized haven with Beth Living's wardrobe storage solutions. Beth wardrobe range comes in a variety of style and finishes and is the quintessential ingredient when it comes to organizing your designerwear or everyday makeup kit. At Beth, we strive to provide beautifully crafted decorative surfaces of unmatched quality. With outstanding colours that match with silent movements and fireproof function - the BETH range of wardrobes offer you the right surface for all of your storage solutions.

Chest Of Drawers
Sliding Door Wardrobe
Beth Living Room

The living area poses large challenges to home makers. Our mission here is to offer you products that make life simpler and decision making exciting while picking the products from our large bouquet. Shoe Racks, Book shelves, Crockery cupboard, open shelves and TV consoles will add glamour and utility to your living space.

TV Consoles

Crockery units

TV Consoles

For those who desire the best of everything, Beth Living's Steel and Stainless Steel TV consoles offer a stylish storage solution for your living room or entertainment room. These advanced TV consoles have plenty of space for a TV, components as well as a large media collection. This sleek console features storage drawers and shelves for organizing your artifacts as well. Not only does our console provide the perfect perch for your flat screen, it will create a focal point in your living room with our chic and affordable entertainment centers.

Crockery units

A great dining room needs the necessary accessories. Beth living 's version of modern crockery units have a clear dramatic and overstated twist of lucid contrasts that will surely turn heads. The superior quality fittings are all stainless, robust, long-lasting and in the perfect position for years. With innovative storage solutions and inspirational finishes, it transforms your dining hall into an exquisite and exciting location for the luxuries of everyday life.

Vanity Units

Beth Living's vanity units are crafted and designed exclusively keeping you in mind. Beth Living brings to you Beth's Vanity unit sets that lends a sense of class and beauty to your bathroom . With our range of stainless steel Vanities, you will find an answer to your deepest desires. Our specially tropicalized components are perfectly suitable for wetness oriented Indian bathrooms, Our designers have combined affordable luxury with personal touch. Bring home the luxury and class of Beth's Vanity units today.

Prime Range

* Carcass and Facia in steel (GI) epoxy coated

Deluxe Range

* Carcass and facia in whole SS 304
Shoe Rack

Beginning and end of a business or outdoors day starts with the right shoes and storing them in style is an art, presenting Beth Living's Modern folding doors shoes-rack.
It features an engineered steel and stainless steel structure, feather touch doors, colors that synchronize and fit up to 25 pairs of shoes, offering excellence in both value and practicality. Our shoe racks surely compliment your personal style with a favorable and functional shape. Uncompromisingly crafted, designed and constructed – your everyday will begin and end in delight.

Open Self

Beth living open shelves can be used in any room to create beautiful, easy to reach storage that frees up your floor space. Enhance your decor's functionality by adding any of the open shelves to any room of your home.
Liners create a solid surface while dividers help to further organize your space. All components are made of stainless steel for a lifetime of usage. Beth's hi-performance shelves maximize load handling capacity through its innovatory structural design; which ensures many years of optimized storage solution.

Book Shelf

Book Shelves aren't just of your books. They also make excellent an storage solution for all your knick-knacks, ornaments and other odds and ends, allowing you to display your favorite classics while keeping other items hidden away from sight. Beth Living's contemporary steel book shelf range is not only a conversation starter, but allows plenty of storage to help you stay organized.

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