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Stainless Steel is the most modern material apt for kitchens. Its corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning, ever shining appearance, and strong physical properties makes it the best material for modern kitchens.

It has remained accessible only to the privileged few and celebrated chefs. Investments in a stainless Steel kitchens is assured to deliver a hygienic environment with an assured long life. To clean just wash your kitchen with water, hot water or even steam. Unheard of in a traditional wood kitchen hygiene standards of your kitchen is about to change.

Introducing India’s first MODULAR STAINLESS STEEL HOME KITCHENS from Beth Kitchens. Completely made out of Stainless Steel, products form Beth kitchen will ensure that your family is safe and hygienically protected for a very long time.

Just in case you are looking to make your kitchen more exciting, BETH offers you a range of 7 colors to pick from.

Beth kitchen products come with an entry level specification of commercial grade, a superior deluxe grade and a range of 7 colors.

We are making it accessible and affordable through a very innovative and design right winning standardization of products. This standardization would ensure that the products are manufactured in a Factory with the best quality assuring process. This is a far cry from conventional methods of customizing and site suiting to site conditions. This will also ensure definitive execution time.

Beth kitchen and its standardization has ensured high quality components, which include heavy duty fitments and hinges ensuring long life and durability. This completely avoids the need of fancy fitments in the kitchen.

The concept of setting up a BETH kitchen is very simple. Beth offers you a wide range of floor units which will include drawers, door units corner units, tall units, pullout units etc. The range also includes wall mounted units of different specifications. Choice of right combination of these units and assembling them at site before laying the kitchen top of your choice will form your kitchen.

Contact your nearest dealer, he will ensure that the process of setting up your Stainless Steel kitchen is simpler than ever before.